Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gooooaaaaaalllllllllllll! Goal.

Our first visit to Gillette Stadium

When J and I went to pick up our Solio - today is the first sunny day by the way - and we had to pass by Gillette Stadium, home of the Patriots and Revolution. Well, neither of us had ever been to the stadium before so we decide to pull in and look around Patriot Place shopping center.

We, of course, gravitated towards Eastern Mountain Sports and checked out the tents, travels packs, water filters. Man that stuff is expensive....good thing we have a year to plan.  We will probably split time between camping and hosteling - definitely need to do a little more research on hostels, where, how much etc - but that is still way off in the distance. 

The EMS lady asked us if we were going to the soccer's ears definitely perked up and that was it. Juliano, son of Brazil, home of Pele only the greatest soccer player ever known and named  Athlete of the Century by the International Olympic Committee, had not been to a soccer game in four years!  Oh what his father must have thought! This is massive trauma for a sports guy. 

Off we went to the ticket booth to see if maybe just by a slim chance they would have some tickets for the Revolution.  Well wouldn't you know appears that Major League Soccer is NOT that popular in the United States and there were seats everywhere.  We chose the cheaper ones but sat in the more expensive seats. No one cared cause no one was there.  HA!  

It was a bit chilly, so I had to go buy a $15 sweatshirt at Old Navy.  Man, I really wanted to stay there cause they were having an awesome sale but off we ran to the soccer game.  I love spontaneous fun!  

The game was fun to watch, the Revs were terrible and lost, well I shouldn't say terrible since I couldn't do it but....lets say... they were off.  And it rained, the whole time, we were soaked but smiling.  It was most fun to watch the rowdy soccer crowd who thought they were British punks at a Manchester United game and the little boys in front with binoculars who were checking out the women behind us.  All in all is was a fun, fun day. 

Also on Sunday was the Rio de Janeiro State Championship in Brazil between Flamengo and Botofogo. Now if you really want to see how soccer is player, watch those Brazilians. We watched it on the Brazilian Channel when we got home. Did you know Comcast charges $20 alone for the Brazilian Channel? One channel!

Anyway.....Wow, was it an impressive game!  And the fans?? Something wonderous to behold, all those tens of thousands of soccer fans, it is enough to make you cry....some of them did!Juliano's team Flamengo won the game and he was happy.  It was fun to watch his excitement and anxiety.  

I hope we get to go many soccer matches up and down Central and South America and not have to waste $30 a ticket. 

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