Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Path, long as it may be...

Happy Mother's Day! I got you a map

Me and Mom at Obama's Inauguration
My Mom is cool.  She reads this blog and actually enjoys it.  She asked me if the route for our trip was all set as in if we had a clue where we were going. I though, damn, well that would be a good thing to include in the blog. 

I have been withholding trip specific information partly because there is so much but mostly perhaps because we are unsure - and maybe want to keep it this way.  So much of this trip - in my mind anyway - is lets throw it up in the air and see where it land.  No, not lets throw up, lets throw IT up....throw caution to the wind, take the backroad - not the one with banditos - turn off the GPS and just explore the world.

With that being said, I think it will make my mother and Juliano's mother much less anxious if we have SOME sort of plan.  I will do my best to provide our thoughts of a rough path.

Basic Route for Central America:   

1) Baja Mexico, ferry over the Mexico proper, 2) make our way across the Mexican countryside to Belize, 3) visit a program of the World Walk Foundation ( a group I volunteer with), 4) west to Guatemala, 5) visit a doctor friend there, 6) head south to El Salvador, which I sort of missed in my fabulous map making, 6) 0ver to Honduras, my cool mom volunteered in a bilingual school there, 7) down through Nicaragua to Costa Rica, some R and R and 8) then to Panama and Boca del Toro.  

From there we will have to head to South America by boat if we want to continue to drive ...but that will have to be tomorrow cause just explaining our CA trip made me tired.

Hasta Manana!

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