Monday, December 28, 2009

Reverse course

So as you all know, Juliano and I are planning to get re-married in the church where his parent were married. It is a gorgeous church and I am looking forward to having a ceremony for his family.

Our original goal was to drive to Brazil though Central and South America, taking 3-4 months, seeing the sites, taking our time, being vagabond travelers with the end of goal of Brazil and two months on the beach. Our plan has always been to be in SC Brazil close to Christmas which is also the beginning of summer.

The works in theory but the reality is that Juliano desperately wants to see home, family and friends, so why make him wait. It also allows us more time to finish up our jobs, get visas settled, and make solid plans for visiting family members attending the wedding. After much consultation with family, we are thinking about starting in Brazil and ending in California, not the other way.

Although there is something romantic about traveling through Latin America to reach a final destination with a wedding and two months at the beach waiting, I think his happiness is a prime motivator in this case.

So we have a few scenarios:

- the original plan
- reverse the plan, start in brazil and drive to CA
- fly to brazil, get married, fly back and then take the trip.

I still like the original plan cause it works the best in terms of logistics, car, visas, insurances and the like. But I think the heart and the family trump all those things. And well they should.

Stay tuned!