Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What skeeters taught me

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Exciting Discovery

I just figured out how to blog from my phone to the blog, which means that we can blog quite literally from the road instead of waiting til we get a good wifi. Not sure how to post a photo but that will be the next step.

Today Virginia Beach boardwalk with my girlfriend from WAY back, Shara. Tonight, First Landing State Park and tomorrow, more flashback blogging to get you caught up! Thanks for following us.
M and J the Vagabond Honeymooners

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thus far..and Join us on Facebook

Well we are currently in Maryland on the way to Virginia...we have been through seven states thus far and have met amazing people at each stop - our friend Nancy in Washington DC, great camp mates on Assateague Island National Seashore, and really nice hotel dudes keeping the pool open for us late in Pocomoke City.

More to come as we find good WiFi....but in the meantime you can check out our trip and photos on Facebook at From Boston to Brazil! Hope you join us!

M and J

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Regroup, recap and on our way

So folks, it had been a while since I last wrote...we were busy organizing our lives. Is it ever really organized..honestly? None the less, I have been lax but now I am back. Here is a recap of our regroup.

1. Juliano and I were married June 27, 2010 at the Commander's Mansion in Watertown, MA, almost one year now.

2. We decided to completely revamp our lives, quit our jobs, move to California and spend 9 months traveling for our honeymoon - first across country and then through Central America and on to South America.  You can become a fan of our travel page on Facebook: From Boston to Brazil, Our Vagabond Honeymoon Roadtrip.

3. At the end of our honeymoon, we are getting married again in Laguna, SC, Brazil in Juliano's family church, where his parents were also married. Ironic I know, going on a honeymoon to get married.

4. In February of 2010, we purchased a white 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser and named her Elsie. She needed a lot of work and she was at the mechanics' shop for a long time. She is awesome.

5. As of May 1, 2011, we had both quit our jobs and spent the next month packing our house to move and packing our backpacks for a 9 month road trip: 3-4 weeks across country to California and then 3.5 months driving down to Panama, flying to Brazil and spending another 2 months hanging out on the beach.

5a. We also flew our two kitties to CA to stay with my step-mother. Agony for me.

6. As of June 2, 2011 we moved out of our home in Cambridge, MA. We sold the majority of our belongings, the furniture and home decor, and stored everything else in my mom's attic. We packed up Elsie and the Gray Goose (the gray Honda), bid goodbye to friends and off we went....TP and all.

7. And as of today, we are at my mother's house in Western Mass waiting for the last check up of Elsie and final trip prep. We also have to build a platform bed to put in the back of the car. Until then, we are enjoying time with our family until we have to shove off.

8. Our cross country trip begins in Washington DC and from there, it is up to the wind.

So there you have it...we are ready to go, scared to go, need to go. It would be really easy to stay and make good excuses as to why we could and should...but truth is we have run out of excuses to keep us here and we no longer have a house of our own other than our Elsie. So I guess that is a good enough reason. Today is Thursday, we plan to be out of here by Monday at the latest.

More on our retrofitting projects in the next few days. Be well. Be Epic.