About Us

One Truck, Two Vagabonds and Thousands of Miles to Go

Mellissa and Juliano de Oliveira are newlyweds, embarking on a journey that would stress any new relationship - they are DRIVING to Brazil, Juliano's home.  They quit their jobs, sold their belongings and their car, left their cats in their care of family members,  to witness the world and live out of a truck for six months. To their parents and friends, this is a fool hardy and hair pulling scheme. To them, this is a chance of a lifetime, a jumping off point, a leap of faith and one totally, awesome adventure.   

This trip will take Mellissa and Juliano from California to Brazil. They will eat, drink, camp, fumble, volunteer, photograph, ohhh and ahh, organic farm, and laugh through all the Central American countries, ending in Panama.  Their vehicle will be shipping to Venezuela while they relax in Aruba, before heading down the east coast of South America to Brazil.  Along the way, they will encounter bumpy roads, literally and figuratively, figure out how to communicate, with each other and in Spanish, experience what it is like to live without creature comforts, a shower or clean clothes, have to learn to trust each other, their own instincts and map reading abilities, and come to a deeper understanding of themselves, how they fit in this ever changing world.  

The Vagabond Chronicles are just that, a chronicle of our adventures, mishaps, experiences, and lessons from the open road. We will be blogging and documenting our journey in video and picture regularly...or when we find a good connection.  This will be one grand adventure and we hope you come along for the ride.