Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On our way...in a year.

Well very soon, anyway....so just a quick update. 

Juliano and I are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime at the end of summer next year. We are traveling across the country - not sure whether we are taking the northern or southern route. I would love to drive as much of old Rt 66 as we can.  We are hanging on the beach in Cali for a few weeks. Then we are traveling by car, truck, or van through all the countries of Central America to Panama. We are then shipping the car to Venezuela, while we take a relaxing break on some Caribbean island.  We are driving the East coast of South America all the way to southern Brazil, hopefully in time for Christmas. Once in Brazil, we will lounge on the beach, drinking Corona, dancing the Samba, enjoying Carnival and plotting ways to never come home again.

That is the plan....now here is what we have to do to get there....a whole lot.

1) Brazil visa issue - Juliano has been in contact with the Brazilian embassy in Panama.  Thank goodness I can get a visa for Brazil through them.  They have a ton of paperwork requirements, including three recent bank statements.  Not sure how that is going to work but we will figure it out.

2) Jul also got paperwork requirements for driving into Mexico...man there are a lot of
 requirements to do this.

3) I am writing an email to be sent to all the embassies so we can get free information! 

4) Last but not least and the most important, a friend is loaning me Rosetta Stone so I can learn Portuguese.  But what about our Spanish?  Oy.  That is two languages plus English.

I have had to tone down my excitement about this a little because I was getting to anxious to go and not getting any work done or taking care of my life.  But J and I are both paring down our lives, budgets and watching what we spend. We have to save and save and save. 

So that is where we stand. More tomorrow.