Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Translation anyone?

One of the issues Juliano and I are running into is that we want both of our families to stay updated about what we are doing.  Problem is my family doesn't speak Portuguese and his does not speak English. No matter old you are, parents still have to know what is going on in your life. Fine by me.

We were chatting on Skype today - don't tell the boss, discussing blogging, technology, video, etc and we ran across a Google translation service. You simply input the web link and it translates the whole site. Granted it may not be perfect but it is understandable.  

Vagabond translated to Vagabundos, which in Portuguese means lazybones. That is what the dictionary said anyway.
Funny stuff but Diva will appreciate it.

On a whole other mother subject, my mom flew off to Costa Rica this morning at 2:27 am. with students from her college, Westfield State College. She helped design an international component to the education/teacher program they have there. She gets to go for free. I mean she does deserve it after all. I asked her to make some good connections for us.  She may even be there when were are there next year.  One never knows.

Just a quick update!

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