Friday, May 15, 2009

How many countries??? Oy.

The other night, Juliano and I were going through all the countries we plan to visit on our trip. Our heads were swimming as we tried to organize who needed what type of visa for which country and so on and so forth. What do we do with the car, what sort of paperwork, how do you get a visa if you are not flying and they want an itinerary, is my passport enough?  You want to see what??? My bank statement with -$0?  

I love Brazil's attitude about visas...quid pro demand one from me, I demand one from you.  I have to go through lots of hoops just to get into Brazil.  The whole visa thing definitely puts a crimp in our laissez faire attitude about time....we get there when we get there. It will be an amazing logistical feat to get this all organized....a challenge I am definitely up for. I am going to have to make an Excel spreadsheet!!

So here is the list we have thus far:
Mexico - we need Mexican car insurance and a promise not to sell the car, I am good, J needs to go to the consulate in Boston, yucko
Belize - these guys are tough
Guatemala - both good
Honduras - Good for 90 days
El Salvador - J needs a visa before hand, I can purchase one but since we are driving, I will do it ahead of time just to be safe.
Nicaragua - we can both only stay for 30 days
Costa Rica - we are both good, no visas required
Panama - 30 days but no visas needed

Venezuela - Although I have been to Venezuela a number of times before for volunteer medical work in Barinas, it still surprises me that given the political climate, American citizens do not need visas. J is good to go as well.
Guyana - I can stay for 90 days but J has to get a visa which is a bit ironic since it is a South American county and very close to Brazil
Suriname - Just read an awesome article on the capital Paramaribo
French Guiana - we are good here for up to 90 days, I hear they have a pristine rainforest where we can get lost!
Brazil - Finally!  We made it but we have a long way to drive to get to Santa Catarina! 

There is so much information on the web, sometimes it is hard to wade through. Although I am using many lesser known but maybe more reliable for on the ground, budget traveling resources, I have to say that Lonely Planet online is an excellent place to stop.  The books are nice but the web is great for quick and accurate answers.

So there you have it....14 countries in say...5 months. Is it doable?  I sure hope so. Stay tuned as we break it all down and start the real work...the master plan.

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  1. caara... ainda tô digerindo um pouco essa história...

    pqp, não posso desejar menos que essa viagem role tranquila pra vocês!

    be cool!